#128 - Jun 16, 2011
Inspired by several "Make something cool every day" blogs and groups over the internet (specially this one), I decided to start this project as a personal challenge for both my hand and my brain.

I vowed to draw a new weird creature every single day, until I reach at least a hundred creatures, and if you guys like it and support it, probably even more!

I find the whole experience very fun and educational, as well as hard and challenging.

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My name is Tal Zubalsky, I live in Tel-Aviv. Aside from doing this I:

Co-founded and manage product at Interlude
Design T-shirts at Threadless
Sing and play the bass on Pizmonim (50's cover band)
Play the guitar on Daphna & The Cookies (Local Israeli band)
Play the bass with Yoni Bloch (Local Israeli singer)

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